Friday, July 24, 2009

July 19th - the ancient village of Biot

We walked over to the bus station and boarded the bus to Biot. Biot is a very beautiful ancient village near Antibes dating back to 154 BC and overlooking hills covered with mimosas and olive trees.

Visiting Biot is to take a real tour through Provençal history. Its streets and alleys are names accordingly : la Calade, Le Portugon, Le Cul de Sac, La calade des Migraniers, Lei Croûtons, place de l'Airette, rue Rondon, rue des orfevres, place de la Catastrophe (where two houses collapsed on June 12, 1898), and place des Arcades which is outlined on two sides by Romanesque and Gothic arcades. One can't help but admire the beautiful doors, vaults, stairways, stonework, sundials, cobblestones, and the perspectives from one street to another.
Tasting Pastis
tables tucked in
Salade Nicoise and Vin Rose
Salmon and Salade
(photo courtesy of Diana with my Olympus Tough 8000 camera)

The Art of Biot

The little village of Biot received the nomination of "City of Art"
This label honores the quality and diversity of the craftsmen and artists creating there.

The little town of Biot is known to be the highlight of glass making. There are several glass blowers' workshops in Biot. The sides of each piece contain millions of tiny air bubbles which capture each sun ray or candlelight, and their sparkling beauty enhances the pleasure of using them. Each piece is blown by a master of the art of glass making, and each one is unique. They still use the centuries old technique of blowing the hot melted glass out of their ovens and turning it into masterpieces.

Ceramics - also famous in Biot
Quaint little shops selling Provencal dresses, Biot glassware and ceramics, jewelry, tablecloths and napkins ...
The little shop where I bought Eva's Provencal dress last year ... and this year ...
Navigating the narrow alleyways and cobblestoned walkways
Afterwards, visiting the beach - you can see the old village of Antibes in the far distance
Ok .. ok ... well, here's me at the beach in my Victoria Secret bathing suit - after eating and drinking my way through Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur for the last 10 days ... and also doesn't the camera add 10 pounds in addition ?? The water is great by the way, cool and refreshing. As long as you bring your bikini bottoms and a towel, you're good to go !
At 9:00 p.m. I walked to Juan-les-Pins and attended the finale of Jazz a Juan. They featured Gospel music ... a favorite of the evening for me was 'Oh Happy Day' ...



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