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July 17th and the WWII Jeep ride to the Red Rocks of Var

Strolling through the Marche Provencal on the morning of July 17th.
Enjoy the wonderful selection of produce, wine, meat, flowers ...
Early morning coffee and sitting by the fountain
The fountain at Boulevard d'Aguillon
Patrick stops by to drive me in his WWII American Jeep
Heading to the Red Rocks of Var

Nowhere to turn around ... why not just back down the mountain ?
Lookie, lookie ... see who's driving !!!
An orchestra playing in the square in Antibes
Le Vieil Antibes cafe
My very adorable waiter
Pizza ...
... and beer
Taverne Safranier ... right down my lane ...

July 17th

This is the day that Patrick will be driving me in his American WWII Jeep to the Red Rocks of Var. It's maybe a 1 1/2 hour drive ... and the views are breathtaking. We drive along the coast ... the beautiful towns of the French Riviera. People cannot believe their eyes when an American Jeep from WWII passes by. It's a lot of fun, but not for the faint of heart. There are no seatbelts or roll bar ... and the doors are very, very low ...

We stop for dejeuner in the seaside village of Mandelieu situated close to the red rocks - l'Esterel. Seafood salad and wine ... and it's extremely interesting to hear of Patrick's travels and his accomplishments with Hewlett Packard. He now works for the city of Antibes and it might be possible that he is even more excited about technology than I am !!! Maybe the only 'tekkie' in the south of France - certainly the only one that I know. How people can exist and do their jobs WITHOUT a computer is beyond me. My computer is my connection to the world ... but here ... the pace is unhurried and relaxed ... and many people here don't use a computer for work or much less even own one. Encroyable I say !! That's why it might not be SOOO difficult to find my computer ... because it could be one of just a few .. AND .. it's an American set-up. The French keyboard is different ... and if people have challenges using the French keyboard, imagine if they had to use an American one !! So ... maybe one day my computer will surface ... I hope with ALL incredible photos still in tack.

After dejeuner, we journey in Patrick's Jeep to the top of the Red Rocks. The vista is expansive ... the jagged red rocks cascading down to the Mediteranean ... just heaven. What wasn't as heavenly was driving through the extremely narrow path - more of a hiking path NOT a driving path ... and NOT a 50 mile an hour over loose rocks driving path for sure !!! The other problem was after driving on this path - did I mention that his side mirrors broke with the crashing into tree branches - was that after driving on this lose stoned hiking path, there was NO place to turn around. ok ... solution ... backing up 50 miles per hour over loose rocks on a hiking path ... face and knuckles white. THEN, Patrick pulls over to the side of the road, gets out of the WWII Jeep and says 'ok, YOUR turn to drive'.

Well, after not driving my 5 speed auto for over six weeks, I completely forgot how to use clutch, shifter, brake ... ok ... get it together 'You can DO this !!' ... and I'm not one to pass over an opportunity that I probably will NEVER have again my life. So ... clear my head, reach for the steering wheel, place the shifter in first, give the Jeep a little gas, slowly release the clutch ... and off we go. NOT 50 miles an hour ... but going all the same. Notice the wind in my hair !!! Patrick told me on the way home that I am the ONLY girl to ever drive his Jeep ... AND that he was as nervous as I was !!!!

Thanks for the great day Patrick !!! Oh, and by the way Patrick, when we go on your boat, I will NOT be waterskiing ... just want to get that out the way now.

After he brought me home, Jim, Diana and I went to the sweet little 'Le Vieil Antibes' cafe for a pizza on bread and Leffe bier. An orchestra was playing beautiful music in the center of the cafes ... and then we strolled home, past the Taverne Safranier, to the lovely and tranquil Villa Fontaine.



Blogger Mark Bridges said...

I see you brother is supporting Le tour. When you have your Salade Nicoise do you put oil or anything on it?

3:45 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Hi Mark -

Well ... usually the Salade Nicoise doesn't need oil ... but I have added some on occasion. I think the chefs do add some oil ... but some of the oil with the Salade Nicoise comes from the anchovies and the tuna ... it's my staple here ... just LOVE Salade Nicoise !!!

Thank you for reading my stories and for commenting !! I appreciate it so much -


7:51 AM  
Anonymous Ann Elizabeth Schlegel said...

I just revisited this page after a few years ... ready to read this blog again (my blog) and grab the gusto of life !!!

1:46 PM  

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