Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 11, 2009 - the Walk


My Walk

I started my day making my way to the Cap d'Antibes. I have heard of a path that boarders the sea - but, according to Rick Steeves, one misstep and you could slip off the path and that's the end of you. It's a steep fall and there are jagged rocks below ... and crashing waves. But, I'm an adventurer and I wasn't going to let this 'DANGER' sign deter me.

So ..... step by step, stone by stone ... holding onto the skinny wire .... thinking ... was this a WISE move on my part ??? Alone, by the crashing sea ... with my incredible OLYMPUS e620 ... what IF I fell ... of course I'd have to photograph the spectacle on the way down ... so ... very careful ... holding on ... thinking WHY do I have to be so adventurous and curious ... and didn't I see the DANGER, DANGER signs ...

the narrow steps leading the way to the path around Cap d'Antibes
the bend around the Cap

afterward, watching Boules
the walk home
Cocktails with Ivo and Jean-Paul

After my strenuous walk around the Cap d'Antibes, I strolled to the Marchè Provençal to visit with my artists friends. I had brought with me prints of Mr. Martini and Ms. Manhattan to give to Jean-Paul and Ivo. I received a wonderful sculpture from Jean-Paul and a beautiful heart necklace from Ivo. I was so happy to give them something personal from me.

I have enjoyed my time painting in the Marchè Provençal Artists' Market, and in my time of need, after the robbery, the artists were very kind to me and welcomed me in ... and that means the world ... n'est-ce pas?


Blogger Mark Bridges said...

Well it looks so cool and refreshing there on the path. In the100's here in TX. You didn't show the sculpture Jean made. Happy painting.

10:48 AM  

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