Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Early morning walk

This morning I wake up very early and stroll down to the Marchè Provençcal. There are less vendors today and it's not so crowded with shoppers. Since my robbery, I now take photos with the OLYMPUS Tough 8000. It's an amazing little camera and you can even take under-water photos ... but I must admit ... I miss my OLYMPUS E620. That is the best camera in the world ... in my humble opinion ... still searching the streets for it ...

So ... I love to photograph the Marchè - the sights, the smells ... the french language ... the choosing and selecting and the exchange ... it's a very happy place to be for sure ... and, in spite of my newly acquired financial ruin (those effin rat bastards - oh ... pardon my french), I am still so very happy ... happy to be here in beautiful perfect Antibes.

Attention all available beautiful Frenchmen: I am available for immediate marriage proposal. So ... if you have a villa in Antibes, equipped with a bidet, and are in need of an American artist to marry, feel free to contact me !!

I come with no money, but I can fill your home with paintings ... and, of course ... love.

les carottes
les fleurs
les sandwichs
the cars in France
The cars in France. The cars in France are very small and efficient - you almost never see a large car like we have in America - no rediculous Hummers or vans or suvs. I did see only ONE suv and I thought the woman driving it looked very ecologically selfish. Scooters are EVERYWHERE !!! Everyone drives a scooter ... and I love it ... I really do ... to be on the back of a scooter and driving through beautiful Antibes ... to Cap d'Antibes ... along the ancient stone wall ... it's when I am absolutely free ... and the happiest I am .. to drive along viewing the incredibly beautiful sea and the ancient buildings of Antibes ... and the aromas ... it fills me with pure joy ...

the ancient Fort Carrè
Stacey, this photo is for you ... notice the name ...
the super-yachts
I prefer the little sailboat 'Annie'
la plage - the beach

I love this little beach ... and it's early in the morning and there are already several people soaking up the sun. ... and, of course, topless. There would be no 'wardrobe malfunction' here in France because several women only wear their bikini bottoms and nobody would notice anyway. - not like in America where it would be complete scandal and outrage ... and here ... it's only natural. I must confess that 'when in France' ... so I have also taken part in the wonderful practice ... again ... to be free ... under the sun ... by the sea ... and glistening yachts ... paradise ...

The other day though ... there I was lying on the beach, bearing all to the world - or at least 'half' of all ... when a gentleman walked RIGHT by my towel. He was wearing a starched shirt, tie, pants, socks and shoes on the beach ... so sitting up to see WHO is this man with all these clothes on ... and there I am with only my bikini bottoms ... when my eyes adjust to the sun ... oh, great .. it's the Mayor himself - and Deputy in Paris - Mr. Jean Leonetti -- so now he has seen his artist in residence in a whole new light - showing my 'girls' ... like I said ... when in France ~

I love this country ... and try to live my life as a girl in France. To savour delicious and healthy Mediterranean foods, to cherish art, to fill my surroundings with excellent music ... to live well with all my heart ... and to love ...



Blogger Stephanie Newhart said...

Hi, Ann, I look forward to reading your stories every day. Thank you for sharing the experience in such vivid detail. I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time. I know your parents are very proud of all that you have accomplished and the woman that you have become.
Love, Steph

7:59 AM  

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