Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cannes, France ... July 15th

the harbour at Cannes, France
Hotel de Ville - City Hall
Dior window
The very beautiful Carlton Hotel
the famous scene from FRENCH KISS when Kate crawls across the floor after falling over the dessert cart !!
Grand Piano and Grand Staircase
Self Portrait photographed in the main salon of the Carlton Hotel
dining on the terrace
the art of the umbrellas
getting under cover
pizza with fruits of the sea and salade nicoise
strolling down Rue James Close in Antibes after a lovely day in Cannes

I know what you are thinking .... WHY is she writing about her day in Cannes, France three days after it has happened .... well, yes, I do apologize and want to keep up ... but, between painting, traveling, touring, keeping up with my criminal investigations ... and driving a WWII Jeep in the red rocks of Var ... my blogging time has been slightly compromised. BUT ... I am LIVING an incredible life in Antibes ... and I need these experiences to put the joy in my work ... so, please bear with.

My brother Jim and girlfriend Diana decided that this would be our day to tour Cannes. As you may well know, Cannes is the destination every month of May for the big silver screen stars. Brad, Angelina, Tom, Katie, Meryl, Will ... you name 'em, they're there on the red carpet. But, even more important to me than that is ... one of my favorite movies of ALL time ... French Kiss ... was filmed there ... and those places in the film were the places that I - and Diana who is also a French Kiss kindred spirit - wanted to visit. It was a real thrill to see the Carlton Hotel !!! ... and then to walk inside and see the famous floor where 'Kate' (Meg Ryan) crawled and scurried on after falling over the dessert cart. It was a great thrill to step outside on the terrace and see the beautiful umbrellas and tables and wicker chairs ... and it was a thrill to see Cartier ... right adjacent to the Carlton Hotel where Kate exchanged the necklace for her 'nest egg'. Now, of course if it's not possible to fly to beautiful Cannes, France, why not just rent - or better yet buy - the film French Kiss so you can relate to our story. Also, by the way, Kevin Kline is fantastic as Luc Tessier !!

Anyway, yes we had our French Kiss high at the Carlton ... and then strolled the beach and stopped at a very sweet cafe for dejeuner. I had the pizza with fruits de la Mer - seafood pizza and beer ... delicious !! We stopped by the very impressive Movie house where the films for the Cannes Film Festival are featured ... and wondered at the marvels of the red carpet. After a full day in Cannes, we hopped on the train - only TWO euros 50 !!! - and headed back to stroll the streets of beautiful and quaint Antibes - enjoying Cannes, but so happy to be in the town that I love the most.



Blogger Mark Bridges said...

keep enjoying the good life and reporting on it.

8:57 PM  
Blogger said...

WOW - you are visiting some very elegant places. Thanks for spreading the envy.

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