Friday, July 17, 2009

Bastille Day

Villa Fontaine
Jim and Diana at the Beach
Taking the road to the Marche Provencal
Marche Provencal
Fresh Herbs
Bastille Day at Jazz a Juan
Jim and Diana at Jazz a Juan
Fireworks over the Jazz Festival

Bastille Day

I love to celebrate Bastille Day - even in America !! ... but even MORE incredible is to celebrate Bastille Day in France - and especially in beautiful Antibes. So ... we - Jim, Diana and I, wake up early and stroll to the old village for a coffee and croissant. It's a beautiful day and after petite dejeuner we head to the beach. I haven't really 'worked' as it were, on my tan and soaked up the sun ... so today will be a welcomed day of rest and relaxation ... and, of course, celebration.

Tonight we walk over to Juan les Pins to enjoy Jazz a Juan. Audouin is kind to invite us and he welcomes us into the VIP tent for complimentary champagne. Tonight there are three jazz musicians featured in a sort of competition. The winner of the competition will be the featured musician at next year's Bastille Day concert. Last year's featured winner was exceptional - Nicole Henry - so much so that I bought all of her cds.

The winner of this year's Bastille Day competition was an exceptional saxophone player - I will research her name - absolute phenomenon for sure ... complicated scales ... leading up to the MOST beautiful rendition of 'What are you doing the rest of your life'. I sat there paralyzed with awe - fantastic and soulful. Perfection.

It was really wonderful for me to share this Bastille Day with Jim and Diana - to show them the hospitality and generosity of Mr. Rambaud, the beauty of Jazz a Juan, the charm of Antibes.

Happy National Festival Antibes .... Je t'aime

So .... getting late ... off to bed ....
bon nuit mon ami and sweet dreams ...



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