Friday, July 17, 2009

The arrival of Jim and Diana

My Chauffeur and friend, Audouin, at the airport to pick up
Jim and Diana
driving in style with his beautiful Jaguar
Jim and Diana settling in at the Villa Fontaine
strolling down the lane
Dinner at Key West
Salade Nicoise and Leffe Bier
Orchestra playing the eve before Bastille Day
Caryl's 86th birthday celebration - Happy Birthday !!!
Complete with fireworks !!

July 13th

Mr. Rambaud picked me up in his very beautiful Jaguar and off we went, heading to the Nice Airport to pick up my brother Jim and girlfriend Diana. They are visiting with me and also to help me by bringing me another laptop to help me store my photos - thank you Olympus !! - and keep up with my online work. I spend a lot of time enjoying my own company, so it will be really great to share time with loved ones and showing off my beautiful Antibes.

I was panicking because they were the LAST ones to come through the arrivals gate ... but was so relieved to see them arrive safely. Audouin packed their very heavy suitcases and off we drove for a lovely driving tour of Juan-les-Pins, Cap d'Antibes and old village Antibes. We said Merci and A Bientot to Audouin, opened up some champagne and breathed a very large sigh of relief and happiness.

After a walking tour of old village Antibes, we headed to Key West Cafe for dinner. Salade Nicoise and a large Leffe Bier ... Nix Besser ... right Dad ??!!

They were exhausted from the flight and they needed sleep ... so, I headed out for an evening to celebrate the birthday of my friend Caryl. She is incredible and even more so because she just turned 86 years old ... and you would never know it. She's smart as a whip ... an art collector, a lover of great food ... and she lives in a manor house in Brussels and has a fabulous rooftop flat in Antibes. She invited very interesting and fun international friends and had her rooftop terrace party catered by a wonderful restaurant. Fish, beef, sauce, cheese, veggies, wine and shots of Amaretto. Fabulous evening !!!

By the way, on my walk to Caryl's, I passed by a wonderful orchestra playing by the fountain across from the sea. Can the quality of life be any better than this ??



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