Sunday, July 05, 2009

Antibes - painting - July 4th and more ...

My painting 'Antibes' for Monsieur le Maire - the Mayor of Antibes
36 x 36 acrylic on canvas
A wedding in Hotel de Ville
apres - dejeuner
July 4th - Mozart 'Cosi Fan Tutte'
July 5th - Notre Dame de Bon Port
Church of the Garoupe
VIP party afterward ... Pastis ... appetizers ...
hors d'oeuvres
beautiful Matthew
along the walk home ...
Beautiful Antibes

Life has been so wonderful, so exciting ... that I haven't had much time to write ... so, Ive been awake since 2:00 a.m. trying to catch up on all that has happened. July 4th ... my friend Audouin has invited me to yet another concert at Eilenroc. Mozart: Cosi Fan Tutte. A large ship has been built SOLELY for this perforance - truly incredible !!! Incredible opera singers, costumes, scenery, champagne .... my life here is a dream for me ... to be invited ... treated with respect and kindness ... like a princess ... only better.

July 5th: 5:45 wake up. Today is the day that the statue of the Virgin Mary and Child will be carried from the Cathedral to the Church at the Garoupe - up on the hill. Since the year 981 - yes, that's right - 981 - people congregate at the Cathedral in old Antibes. Sailors - maybe a dozen of them - carry a platform which holds the ancient statue of the Virgin and Child - and, to suffer for their faith they wear no shoes .... and walk, carrying this statue ... up the steep stony steps - high up to the Church on the Garoupe hill. It takes almost two hours carrying this heavy statue ... and on pointed stones ... and the people follow - hundreds - many not wearing shoes ... to suffer for their faith. Of course, there I am in my KEDS !!!! I did walk in the procession, though ... and then Mass - outdoors under the tall pines - and the 'cigale' loud in their 'voices' ... and communion ... and everyone is happy and loving ...

Afterward, VIP party up on the hill in an old garden ... pastis and horsd'oeuvres ... and sailors ... my life here ... ahhh

So, after the party I decide to go to the beautiful beach. The water is like bathwater .... And as you can see ... the view is beautiful ... I didn't ask this god of a man if I could take his picture ... so, thank you - it is my pleasure ...



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