Monday, June 29, 2009

Wolf's dinner - Beginning again

Dinner with Wolf
Painting afterward
The wonderful chef Wolf Berg
Fantastic dinner
Le dessert
Dinner by candlelight

ok. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Last Wednesday, early in the morning, I was working preparing a photo file for the Cultural Mayor of Antibes. The photos were for an interview of me that would be appearing in the Nice-Matin newspaper. So .... getting all of these ready ... and then being very tired, I finally hit the sack around 1:00 am. Well, cruel people are very clever ... and one, possibly more, thieves climbed over the locked gate, slipped into the villa, and, while I was sleeping, proceeded to rob me of everything that I brought with me to Antibes (except for one pocket camera and my docking station).
So ... that would be my beautiful purse, contents of purse including wallet and credit cards and passport, ipod, incredible computer ... and my fabulous OLYMPUS E620 digital camera with over 2000 photos of Antibes on it. Also, my computer had these photos all organized and labeled.
I guess if you're going to be a theif, the greatest place to be a thief is in the French Riviera - right Mr. Cary Grant? Sad for me, these horrible sub-human beings stole my life. Now, there's no beautiful French music playing on my computer and ipod. There's no photographing with the incredible Olympus E620. But there is searching in the streets for my lavender colored purse and my camera. I hate these people who steal. Who ruin other people's lives ... but ... when it is times like these, the caring and good people come through to help.
Thank you Mr. Rambaud for helping me - you are a kind and caring and generous man. Thank you Olympus - the E620 is an incredible camera - the photos were beautiful and will be again ...
However, this computer loan is not letting me upload photos .... SO frustrating ... so you will have to stay tuned and see if I can manage to rise above and restore my life ... I still am in the beautiful French Riviera ... so, like Cindy Lou Who and George Baily, there must be hope. Nes Pas?
p.s. does the film 'French Kiss' come to mind?

update: after not being able to upload photos, I decided to risk downloading the Firefox browser .. it's not my computer but the city's, I don't comprehend french instructions very well, the european keyboard is configured differently, I had to redownload the wifi software - still not comprehending french ... but, now all seems ok. I totally need a massage ... or a double whiskey ! God I hate criminals!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank God your safe, as I had this feeling all week that something awful had happened.

Pick up the pieces and begin again.

My best to you always, The Dorsh.

5:33 PM  

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