Monday, June 15, 2009

Two VIP dinner parties in one day - plus a parade !

Well, an absolutely incredible day in Antibes. I woke up to a parade of half-naked Brazilian women in 'Carnivale' outfits, complete with marching band, parading past my balcony.

Ahmed - the host of the 'Couscous' party

My friend picked me up on his scooter at noon and we drove to Cap d'Antibes. I was invited to a 'Couscous' party hosted by Ahmed. He's originally from Tunisia and now lives in Antibes and works for the Mayor. Jean and Claudine Sipe and Madam Torres (mayor of culture) sat at our table. Then, Jean Leonetti, the Mayor of Antibes and member of Parliment stopped by to say hello and wish us 'Bon Appetit'. Now what I'm thinking is .... WHAT in the name of God is a girl from the poor section of Allentown, PA doing here amongst all of this ??? It was really wonderful, great people to talk with and laugh with ... very lovely and generous and kind.

The VIP section ... with the Deputy Mayor, Jean Leonetti

After the couscous party, I was invited to La Bataille des Fleurs parade. Now take notice where I'm photographing from ... that's right, the VIP section. That's the Mayor of Antibes, 4th person from the left. It's a little overwhelming for me -- because he is tres, tres, tres important and, once again, what the heck is a girl from Allentown doing in the VIP section??

The parade was old fashioned and sweet - and sexy as well - especially when I, once again, see these wild Brazilian ladies dancing and shimmying in front of us. There are many floats all decorated with flowers and the people on the floats toss tons and tons and tons of flowers to everyone attending the parade. It's really a beautiful sight to see. The mouse on the water skis pays tribute to the inventors of water-skiing which Antibes Juan-les-Pins makes claim to in the 1920s.

The celebration of 'les Amis du Vieil - Antibes

After the parade, I was invited to the dinner celebration . It was held in the lovely grove that I had dinner in last year with the Pied Noir (black feet). It was a party expecting 300 persons ... and the most important guest was the 'Bull' from Camargue roasting over the coals.

There were dixie bands and singers and 'Miss Antibes' was pouring wine. Everybody danced and sang and the food .... Mmmm .... the salad complete with pate (sorry, don't know the command for the accent mark above the 'e' on this laptop). It was really THE most wonderful day.

Now, seriously, I MUST get painting ....


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