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Saturday, June 20th

This is the beautiful lane that I live on ...

And the way to the Marche Provencal ...

Marche Provencal

The entrance way to the market

Everything that you can imagine ...

'Lapin' is French for 'Rabbit'

'Miel de Lavandes' ... honey of lavender

The Egg Vender

Dejeuner at the Plage Oasis

1st course: Salade avec Fruits de la Mer
Coquille Saint Jacques


Just to give you a look at our table RIGHT NEXT to La Mer !!

My new (and very young) girlfriends !!

The beautiful estate of Eilenroc

Saint-Saëns and Chopin

Perfect Evening ...

And .. dinner at Midnight at Eilenroc ... avec vin et champagne ...

How do you begin to tell the story of one day that could fill the pages of a book? I always get up early ... too early perhaps, but the sounds and sights of Antibes come streaming in my large window facing the sea in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I'm out of bed at 4:30. Is that crazy or what. I'm in a permanent state of sleep deprivation ... but, why sleep? I only have three months ... and the time is fleeting by.

So, up early ... I always like to walk in the morning. There's a wonderful little take-away upscale bakery and specialty shop. Very teeny. So ... espresso for one euro and I'm off. I like to walk around the harbour and see the glistening boats ... or do my 'power' walk to Cap d'Antibes to Juan-les-Pins and back to the old village of Antibes. I also photograph everything. I've charged my battery I can't tell you how many times ... and have taken well over 1,000 photos. Boats, villas, concerts, yachts ... but as you may have suspected, I love to photograph the Marche Provencal. It's hustling and bustling by 9:00 a.m. - late by my standards ... but there is a plethora of goodies in bright, rich colours.

After my walk, I readied myself to join the group of musicians from Schwaebisch Gmuend. We are dining at Plage Oasis. It's a gorgeous restaurant RIGHT on the sandy beach of Juan-les-Pins and decked out in Ultra-marine blue and white. Well, dejeuner - or any meal you have in France - is always 'incroyable'. Shrimp with their heads attached, fish you must filet yourself - a true joy for the culinary and visual senses !!! I wish Americans ate more like the French. Less cheeseburgers and more natural foods from the earth.

So ... First course: 'salade avec fruits de la mer' ... salad with seafood. Second course: Coquille St. Jacques - delicious - and then it's a must : dessert buffet (although I'm not normally a sweets eater) ... and EVERY single dessert is mouth watering delicious. Americans take heed: no more store bought cookies !!!

So afterwards, a swim in the sea (perfect temperature by the way) with my wonderful new young musician friends from the music schools in Antibes and Schwaebisch Gmund, Germany. I've been included on these wonderful outings because of the connection with sister cities -- and I guess it helps that I presented a painting from my Music Series to each school.

After a swim, and at my beautiful villa, my friend Audouin and I walked to a small bar for a drink of beer ... and then off to Eilenroc for a fabulous concert featuring the glorious works by Saint-Saëns and Chopin. The Saint-Saëns concert featured an incredible cellist from Germany ... and the Chopin concert (Chopin is my favorite composer) was brilliant as well. Imagine ... sitting high up in the bleachers (very comfortable seats) under the parasol pine trees ... the swallows circling overhead, the breeze, the stars ... the sound of the Mediterranean just beyond ... and this breath taking building before you in muted lights of lavendar and gold ... and you're listening to Saint-Saëns and then Chopin.

Did I forget to mention Champagne (and this is real champagne) before the concert, at intermission ... and then ... after the concert, a special dinner just for the guests of Schwaebisch Gmuend and the musicians, the Adjoint Mayors of Antibes ... et moi.

One question: How do I go back to S. Hall St. and my life after this?

Oh ... another question: Who called me at 3:31 this morning ????

Bon nuit mon ami ...
Nighty Night after another day in paradise ...

... Happy Father's Day Dad ... I love you and I miss you very much ...


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What and elegant life you are leading there! Those lanes are beautiful and the church choir photo makes me want to sit and listen.

8:11 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

it is sooo beautiful -- I try to take in every second, every moment ... because the time is fleeting by ...

3:41 AM  

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