Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Orchid Shop

After a wonderful (!!!) day, I painted this painting

' The Orchid Shop '
30" x 30" acrylic on stretched canvas

A farewell get-together for our Schwaebisch Gmuend friends

lovely 'Vesna' (german) and 'Julianna' (french)

Nadine receiving bouquet from friends of Schwaebisch Gmuend

Freidemann Gramm - director of the Musikschule
Monika Buccheit - head of town-twinning
both hail from Schwaebisch Gmuend

farewell my friends - see you in August when I visit you in Schwaebisch Gmuend

taking my walk ... and marveling at the beauty ...

dinner on my terrace - the reddest tomatoes I've ever seen - and delicious !

even Sarko cannot believe his eyes !!

a dove came by and perched and cooed 'hello'

incoming storm - wonderful and dramatic painting weather !

inspiration has set in ...

The one sad thing about seeing your friends, is the moment when you must say good-bye. Or ... at least 'fare-well'. So this morning I walked to the beautiful 'Le Brasserie' restaurant in the center of Antibes. There is a going away party beginning at 9:45 - I arrived at 10:00. I really love my Schwaebisch Gmuend friends and the time spent together was SO fleeting !! The concert at Eilenroc, the dejeuner on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean, dinner at 'Le Village' .... it was all spectacular to say the least. The nice thing however, is that I'm flying up to Schwaebisch Gmund for five days in August -- so, something else to look forward to.

The food at the party was wonderful - as always. Finger foods with pate (I still haven't figured out how to apply the accent on the 'e' on my laptop), sandwiches with pita bread, juice, water ... oh ... and a keg of Heineken !! Well, a small keg, but still a keg. Too bad they didn't serve 'Schlegel' bier ...

What a nice time, though ... and then my walk. I bought a beautiful lavender plant and another rosemary. I love to have a little garden and potted plants add 'life' to my life. After getting back to the villa, I prepared my baguette with brie, mustard, mache ... AND ... the reddest cherry tomatoes I have ever seen in my life. I don't even know if I can get that brilliant of a red in my paints !! ... and sparkling wine. Of course in France champagne comes ONLY from Champagne, France ... so, this is sparkling wine. Still fabulous. I shared the bottle with a friend ...

A storm was brewing ... and the mistral was getting so strong that I brought my plants into the villa to protect them. It was great painting weather - a storm, wind, rain, music ... champagne ... and inspiration. I rifled through my over 2000 photos and found the photograph of 'Amaryllis' -the quaint and lovely flower shop around the corner from Antibea Theatre. I knew when I photographed the orchids that they would be great subject matter for a painting.

It's late ... off to bed ...
Bon nuit mon ami



Blogger Stephanie Newhart said...

Hi, Ann,
Our cherry tomatoes are in season now also, but not as brilliant red as yours. Though, it was fun to think that we both had them for dinner on the same day. However, it is so hot here (unseasonably hot even for Florida) that our tomatoes are practically cooking on the vine and our basil is flowering.
My day is not complete until I read about your day. My big decision is whether to read your blog first thing in the morning, sneak a peak at work or wait until the evening when I can savor it and really study the photos.


6:54 PM  
Blogger rick said...

your blog is very nice, also love your artwork as well. Have you check out any of the online site such as www.wonderart.com.au ? You should put up some work there :)

9:29 PM  

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