Saturday, June 13, 2009

My walking journey throughout Antibes

Antibes - La Vieil Ville

Antibes vieille ville in the distance

La Pinède

Hotel du Cap - reputed to be the most beautiful hotel in the world

La petite harbour

Port Gallice - Antibes Juan-les-Pins

The place of Jazz a Juan - Antibes Juan-les-Pins

Dejeuner at the Taverne Safranier

Yesterday I walked for four hours. I started from my beautiful villa and with vague recollection of the Cap d'Antibes from last year, I decided to just walk and explore. I journeyed past public beaches and harbours and boats and parasol pine trees and villas and mansions. With every step, the perfumed air morphs from lavender to musk to the alluring smell of the body to cat urine and cigarettes. And, surprisingly, the cat urine and cigarettes waft into the lavender and musk and do not detract.

It was early. I started my journey about 6:30 a.m. There are runners and cyclists and speeding vehicles and many, many scooters. It's a little dangerous because the walking path is part of the street and the street is very curvy. So, you must pay special attention.

How glorious is Antibes. I'm in love with this beautiful heaven on earth. I'm already thinking next year for the 50th anniversary of the Jazz Festival I must be in attendance.

Dejeuner (lunch) with the mayor of tourism and his wife in the beautiful Taverne Safranier ... quiet beautiful peaceful ... the breeze, colorful umbrellas, incredible (!!!) food, wine and beer ... Paradise found.

Happy Birthday Mom. I miss you and love you and think of you so very, very often.


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Wow - the envy is hurting me. What a great place to spend time.

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