Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life drawing - life lessons

Vasile Dohotaru
Vasile Dohotaru - pastel of Villa Fontaine
After life drawing
Cafè terrace at night - apres Van Gogh
Cafè terrace at night - Van Gogh
Life drawing

After the complete tragedy of losing everything in the villa, I naturally was / am in a bit of a state of shock ... I still don't know the complete damage that these thieves have done to me ... but then ... an amazing thing happened ... I saw an artist doing a pastel painting of the Villa Fontaine.

Meet: Vasile Dohotaru

Vasile is this fascinating bohemian artist who hails from a section of old Russia. He's a brilliant artist and just happened to be at the side of the lane with his chalk and his paper and his stool. So ... I walked over to him and in his Russian turned French and my English - French combo, we managed to communicate quite well ... and become friends.

The artists in Antibes have heard of my misfortune and organized a bit of a rally for me. Last night I was invited to a life drawing session in an ancient part of the ramparts. I arrived at 9:00 pm and Vasile was kind to give me some of his paper. The model, of course, is lovely and accomlished very difficult and beautiful poses. It was freeing and exciting for me too draw with these artists - by the way, aside from the model, I was the only girl.

Imagine this: you're in a building erected by the Greeks or Romans - medieval - and there is a lovely model before you ... the room is quiet but you can hear the scratches of pencils and chalk ... the model takes another pose and you hear comments of admiration ... in french, of course ... and russian ... it brought joy back into my heart ... and afterwards, Vasile, Viktor and I shared a beer in the nearby cafe. It was great for me ... to be in this glorious place ... like Vincent Van Gogh's 'cafè terrace at night'.



Blogger Sheila Vaughan said...

Ann, so sorry to read about the break in. How awful for you. It leaves very unpleasant feelings but I hope it does not dampen your love for the south of France. I have really enjoyed reading your activities and seeing the wonderful paintings you have been doing.

4:13 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Thank you Sheila!! No criminal could ever dampen my love for France -- ever. Still am SOOO lucky to be here in this beautiful villa - now, sadly, with locked gates all of the time -- bastard criminals -- oops .. excuse my French !!!

6:39 PM  

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