Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting to bed late

Les Voiles d'Antibes

Oops ... should've paid attention to the horizon line ...

Les Voiles d'Antibes

Les Voiles d'Antibes

Rain ... sitting at the Cafe Jardin

How do you tell a drunk Frenchman that 'no thank you' I'm painting and don't want to come to your party at 1:00 a.m. There are two guys that live in the flat behind me and the few times that I have seen them is with Pastis in their cup ... or rum and coke. Don't get me wrong, they seem very nice. It's just that they like to party. Now, it's difficult enough to comprehend the language, but when the French language is slurred, comprehension is 'très impossible'! So ... with them not understanding the word 'no', I had to accept defeat, be gracious and attend their party. I stayed 5 minutes.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good bottle of wine or a wonderful cold beer .... but I'm in another country and will try to be on reasonably good behavior ...

Today I am invited to attend a 'couscous' party. I've been told there will be about 100 people there. It will be held at a beautiful villa in Cap d'Antibes ... and the mayor of tourisme will bring me on his scooter. Cool. And a far cry from last night's party. Did I mention the pounding music until early this morning??

I'm still working on my 'Poissonnerie' painting - it's going slowly. I should have been done last week. My goal is to paint 30 paintings in 3 months. That's with canvas' measuring 36" x 36", 30" x 30", 18" x 18" and 6" x 6".

A little word about my Olympus camera. First, I carry this with me everywhere. The great thing is how lightweight it is. The lenses weigh more ... Also, it has wonderful filters that you can apply as you shoot. For example, in the above five photos, three of them are taken with the black and white feature. The other two (photo numbers 3 and 4) were taken in color and then unsaturated. Notice the difference. The filter gives you this absolutely marvelous impression - like the cover of an old 'Life' magazine. It has great contrast and a 'grainy' feature. I love this camera - and to think if 'Dans Camera' still processed slides, I might never have gone digital. Fortunate for me, nes pas??


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Dear Ann, i´ll try, my english is not so good. My father´s family is Persisan, my mother´s family is Prussian, and i born in Brasil Strong people, more happy people. Result= ME.

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