Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cleaning House !!!

Cleaning House

Today I donated NINE large 33 gallon bags of clothing. Not only that, my 'hibachi', my legal size scanner, tons of books, dishes, purses and shoes. I have lived in the same beautiful apartment for 24 years and thought when I moved here 'oh my gosh .... with seven rooms, how am I ever going to collect enough stuff to fill this large apartment??!!' Well ... now I'm saying 'how the heck did I ever collect ALL this stuff? It's difficult in the beginning, parting with item by item ... but then, the gathering picks up speed and before you know it, Nine bags are filled ! I hope my things find a good home ... and my home is better for saying good-bye to them. I want to 'spring clean', 'spic-and span' and 'spot shine' my whole house.

Maybe in the autumn, I'll have to go on a donating kick again. Less is more ... it enables you to 'showcase and feature' the beautiful items in your home ... it gives someone else a chance to enjoy the things that you have enjoyed ... your home is easier to clean - and you feel great!

In the wise words of Martha Stewart 'It's a good thing'.


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A lovely painting that goes perfectly with this post.

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