Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

If you read my entry from last Friday, you would have seen what an insane day I had for nine hours on the phone with techies from my virus protector (on my PC laptop) and HP themselves. Only to find out that my ISP pulled the plug on my internet. Well ... didn't I have the SAME day yesterday with my MAC G5!!! No kidding ... I knew something was wrong when EVERY adobe software product that I own was corrupted and my desktop background was only blue - not the beautiful blue with the light blue swirl.

HOURS on the phone with Apple begging them to help me ... Sooooo ... we had to archive all of my files (millions) and reinstall my operating system (for the second time). Then ... (hours later) I had to uninstall every adobe product (you must find every file hidden in every folder) and reinstall all of my software - by the way, the woman from Adobe was VERY rude. That's what you get when you spend tons of money for their software. I will say that the girl from Apple, 'Chris', took pity on me and although my service contract had run out, she did see from my phone records that I have this repeating problem with my desktop -- AND I even had to have my DVD burner replaced. She said that she NEVER saw anybody with this amount of trouble with their Mac!!

Steve Jobs if you are reading this please take note that I invested tons of money with APPLE and would appreciate it more than you know if you shipped to me a brand new beautiful desktop - 24" screen please.

So ... after hours and hours and hours of this - I believe that I am a certified technician now - I finally got everything up and running - knock on wood. Except, this morning I tried to print a shipping label and guess what - I inadvertently also uninstalled my Adobe Acrobat!! Completely!! So ... Adobe if you're reading this PLEASE ship to me another Adobe Acrobat (holding my breath).

Now I know we all need our computers, but I really REALLY need my computer!! I have three websites (I only update two), I design the poster for the Hudson Valley Wine Festival (Illustrator), I use Photoshop every day ... and I rely heavily on email for my business. So, you can imagine the knots in my shoulders after two complete computer meltdowns!!

Ahhh ... Looking forward to lying on the sand with my toes in the Mediterranean ...


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