Monday, February 09, 2009

Portobello I

Portobello I

What do you do when it feels as though you are losing everything .... and then you might have to give up the one thing that holds it all together? Like your kitty. My kitty Gretel. She is beautiful ... the MOST beautiful little girl kitty in the world to me ... she is funny and smart and loving and does tricks to boot. She sits on command, sits up and balances on her hind legs and jumps (somewhat) through a tambourine. We play chase, hug and kiss, cook together, take drives in the car .. and everyone that meets her is amazed and smitten. She is exceptional.

My Father would read the paper from A to Z. When I stayed with my Dad for several days each week I thought 'what should I do with my time when he is immersed in reading'? So ... hmmm ... why not teach this little cat that we adopted from the Humane Society some tricks. And she learned ... very quickly indeed.

She is the apple of my eye. We are two peas in a pod. We love each other. But what if a beautiful little six year old girl named 'Hope' fell in love with her and could give her a 'forever' home? What if the owner of my apartment - that I lived in for 23 years - says 'no' - she is not allowed. What if you lose your Mother, your Father, the home that was your family's for 56 years ... your kitty ... but know that Gretel would have a wonderful and loving 'forever' home ... is it still like you have lost everything?

Or ... is there Hope?


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