Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tofu - Tofu Steak

Tofu • this painting is sold

Tofu, also Tōfu or bean curd (the literal translation), is a food of Chinese origin, made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. There are many different varieties of tofu, including fresh tofu and tofu that has been processed in some way. Tofu has very little flavor or smell on its own, so it can be used either in savory or sweet dishes, and is often seasoned or marinated to suit the dish.

Tofu is an excellent plant-based protein source with virtually no cholesterol and less than a gram of fat per ounce. Not all fats are created equal; the majority of fat in tofu is unsaturated which is considered a "good fat" that does not harm blood vessels, whereas animal protein contains cholesterol and a higher level of unhealthy saturated fat.

Isoflavones, found in high concentrations in soybeans, are compounds that have been attributed to helping reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer, as well as osteoporosis and post-menopausal symptoms.

Just a little funny story ... this Tofu is for a woman who has purchased some art from me in the past. She likes Tofu, her husband likes Spam -- of ALL things !!! She came home one night to find him cooking 'Spam Parmesan' for their children ... now that's inventive !

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Thank You!

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