Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Red Violin - my violin

The Red Violin - my violin

Today I listened to the moving soundtrack of 'The Red Violin' in my studio. Mmmm ... John Corigliano mastered an unparalleled composition for violin. I was fortunate to hear his work of art played on the 'real' red violin - the 'Red Mendelssohn (1720), which is currently played by Elizabeth Pitcairn, whose grandfather purchased it for her 16th birthday. A worthy investment of $1.7 million at auction at Christie's London.

Elizabeth Pitcairn is one of the few soloists who performs the
Red Violin Chaconne composed for the film by John Corigliano. The notion that the violin is red because it is painted with the blood of the maker's wife, who died during childbirth, is a creation of the filmmaker and is unsubstantiated. It is called "The Red Mendelssohn" because of a unique red stripe on its top right side, but how the stripe came about is unknown.

I was a very fortunate artist to have an exhibition of my music paintings during one of Elizabeth Pitcairn's concerts ... and when the doors opened to the beautiful Symphony Concert Hall, you were face to face with my
painting 'The Red Violin'. This painting now lives in the splendid Cote d'Azur in Antibes Juan-les-Pins.

Thank you Kevin for taking such good care of my violin -- the strings are beautiful and I hope to make them sing one day ....

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Thank You!

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