Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Yes, I know ... there's no painting of a lemon. The reason is that I forgot to bring it home from my beautiful studio at the Banana Factory. Tomorrow I will post it for sure. How's that for a 'Lemon' head !!

Also tomorrow, I will pack my car in anticipation for the HUDSON VALLEY WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL which takes place from September 5th to the 7th. GOURMET MAGAZINE is the main sponsor so it's SURE to be a great event !!!! Also, I designed the poster .... which I am signing just in case you need to take one home with you.

Also, today I finished the first installment of my painting project at AMERICA ON WHEELS. I'm painting three 'vents' to blend in with a backdrop of the Northeast Extension of the PA turnpike. It's a beautiful lofty space - very industrial - that I'm painting in ... and I have my 'Learn French' cds playing ... so, hopefully I'll be fluent by the time I'm done.


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