Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crown Royal

Crown Royal

The production of Crown Royal began in 1939 coincident with the first Royal Tour of Canada by reigning monarch King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth. To mark this historic occasion, Samuel Bronfman, President of the Seagram Company, decided to create a quality whisky to be packaged in a crown-shaped bottle and dressed in a distinctive royal purple bag. Like the packaging, the name chosen for the product was intended to reflect the quality of the spirit, a marketing concept that quickly caught consumer attention. It was available only in Canada until 1964.

Today, Crown Royal is produced solely at the Crown Royal distillery at Gimli, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Crown Royal is often mixed with another, usually non-alcoholic, beverage for added flavour such as ginger ale and Coca-Cola. Common names of these beverages include: Crown Sidecar, Crown & Soda, Crown & Coke, Crown Lemon-Lime, and Crown Fizz. A mixture made with Royal Crown Cola is called an RCCR (Royal Crown Crown Royal). There are some "premium" Crown Royal variants; including Crown Royal Limited Edition and Crown Royal Special Reserve. The Spirit Journal gave the Special Reserve its "highest recommendation" rating of 5 stars, and Whisky Magazine gave the Special Reserve its Editor's Choice Award.


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