Friday, April 11, 2008

Red Apple 5

Red Apple 5

This shipping problem of my paintings to Antibes is still ongoing ... but, I thought ... maybe back to the basics. Go back to how I shipped paintings to our beautiful sister city 'Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany'. For one exhibition I shipped paintings, for another I just simply rolled them up, packed them in a box with a strap and checked them on the plane. No worries !

However, this exhibition is a little trickier. I need to know WHEN they will arrive in Antibes, France ... and HOW does someone determine when they will arrive ... when the paintings will go on a plane, then customs -- and WHO knows how long THAT could take ...

Maybe I need to consult the magic eight ball. Eeesh! Shouldn't this process be easier? It's the greatest opportunity for me ... but, I've never felt more stress ... financially ... artistically ... and even leaving my responsibilities for five weeks -- WHERE are the answers and WHO could tell me that all will be ok-

Go ! Stay ! ... Celebrate art ... Connect ... NO worries ... Worries ...

If you would like to purchase a 6" x 6" oil painting on stretched canvas that you see on this site, or commission a painting that is special to you, please email me.

These paintings are priced at $100.00 plus s/h.

Thank You!

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great! nice, perfect apple.

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