Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrock • Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Shamrock • this painting is sold

Beef Stew in my new Cuisinart enamel and cast iron cookware

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

The four-leaf clover is often confused with the shamrock. While the four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, the three-leafed shamrock is mainly an Irish Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity and has a different significance.

Happy Birthday Drew • Happy Birthday Aaron

Guinness is ...

The Peak of Spring, the lure of land
A Pint of Guinness in me hand -
With Sun Ablaze, the summer young,
It's creamy froth upon me tongue,
The Autumn Crisp, and hills of gold
This draft has stirred and soothed me soul
The Winter's frost, the year has passed
This savoured brew, an empty glass.

And so for years the story's told
That luck runs deep, and legends olde
Embrace the love of Irish in us,
So tap me, lass, another Guinness

Ann Elizabeth Schlegel

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