Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lemon 2

Lemon 2 • this painting is sold

Gosh, isn't it puzzling how you can be ok one day - or even several days - and then you can't stop the tears for days. It's so unbearable without the ability to call my Mom. Without knowing if she's somewhere ... if she sees how much we miss her and love her.

My Mom was the most thoughtful person I know.

You'd always receive your birthday card on your birthday or the day before - she'd always make sure to time it perfectly. She'd underline special words that were printed on the cards and always sign it 'We love you - Love Mother and Dad'. She'd always pull your earlobe to coincide with the birthday year and give another tug - one for good luck - and one to grow.

She'd place a hot water bottle under your covers to keep you warm.

She'd get up early to bake breakfast cake.

My Mom darned all of our socks.

She could wrap a package more beautifully than Martha Stewart.

She and my Father took walks every day.

She was sad if you were sad and happy when you were happy.

She loved her family.

She always packed the picnic basket with extra food.

She was cute with my Father -- she'd kid him and give him a friendly tug.

When visiting my niece at College, if she couldn't find a parking place, she'd drive back home, park, and walk back to the College with little gifts, snacks and always, always a hand written note.

She wrote to me a hundred times when I lived in Cape May and, thank God, I saved all of her letters.

She was smart and funny and loving and kind and thoughtful. I'd do anything to have her back. I miss her every moment.

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