Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fez and Fish

Fez and Fish • The Anglers' Club of New York • this painting is sold

The Anglers’ Club of New York was founded in 1906 as a private social club of gentlemen and sportsmen, "to cultivate and practice the art of scientific angling; to encourage contests of skill in fly and bait casting; and the protection and propagation of fish and game."

Initially, trout and salmon were the chief interests of the Club’s members. Today, many other sport fish are pursued. In the early days, the art of angling was coupled with the emerging science of the sport, and today the skill, knowledge, techniques, and lore of fly fishing continue as paramount concerns of the Club.

The Club and its members are active in conservation efforts to preserve and restore water to its pristine state. The members believe that in the social enjoyment shared by all anglers lies a common respect and interest in keeping and enhancing the quality of our waters for the future. Catch and release represents one way to leave a stream essentially as it was before, and it reflects the consideration that fellow anglers deserve. Through participation in conservation organizations, the members are active in many places, streams, and rivers & wherever there is, or may be again, fly fishing.

The Club is unique in that, although located in the financial center of the city, it is not used for the transaction of business or for business entertaining (as are some other clubs). The Waltonian legend over the door, "Piscatoribus sacrum," has been so well respected over the years that a pleasant spot without any aspects of the marketplace has been preserved for relaxation in congenial fellowship.

The Anglers' Club of New York

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