Monday, February 11, 2008

Displaying your Painting Each Day paintings

Dont' these look really great !! These were purchased on Friday and I received this email just yesterday already. What a beautiful home my Painting Each Day paintings have found !!

I have discovered a very easy approach to hanging these paintings - actually, in truth I must give credit to my buddy and fellow artist 'Katie Behler'. I measure with a level that has ruler measurements on the side. With pencil, I mark a dot two inches wide. I insert common push pins and Voila! you place the painting on the push pins and you're done.

For my outside studio wall where my Painting Each Day paintings are displayed, I measured out the WHOLE wall (two inches, eight inches, two inches, eight inches), marked the whole wall with dots, inserted the push pins, and placed almost two hundred paintings in just an hour or two. It works great! And, no wires, no hooks, no remeasuring, no headache. The push pins work GREAT in drywall as well! And no messy nail marks if you want to relocate the paintings in the future.

So, why not purchase a bunch of Painting Each Day paintings for YOUR beautiful kitchen ... and when you place your paintings, think of Katie Behler when you discover the user friendly ease of using common push pins !!


Blogger pussreboots said...

They look lovely hanging up there. I've been using push pins for years for hanging smaller paintings. They do work well! :)

6:37 PM  

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