Monday, February 18, 2008

Cooking Dinner

Cooking with the Hen

I found this great Hen at the GoodWill shop on Valentine's Day ... Mmmm .... and saw the cooking possibilities. Luckily, I just happened to have a cookbook on cooking in earthenware vessels. You have to soak the base and lid in cold water for 20 minutes (if the base is glazed on the inside you only soak the lid). Then, place in a cold oven and turn on the heat. First to 250 degrees, then to 400 - to ensure that the vessel doesn't shock - and possibly crack - from the temperature change.

So, I loaded up the hen with red potatoes, rosemary from my garden, Temeraire Dijon Mustard, bulb onions, garlic, cracked peppercorns, sea salt and olive oil ... and in the oven she went.

The presentation is cozy and old world and I look forward to using the Hen again. Also, I look forward to seeing the Hen 'age' with use. The tell tale darkening of the clay revealing the memories of a quiet dinner alone or a celebration with friends ...


Anonymous eden grey said...

this is great.

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