Thursday, January 03, 2008

Farmers • The Wine Stopper Collection

Farmers • The Wine Stopper Collection

One of the joys at Christkindlmarkt this year was the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock booth. Every few minutes I'd hear an
other cuckoo clock cuckooing or the music box playing to the twirling dancers emerging from inside the clocks. The cuckoo clocks were all hand carved by a young gentleman and his father. They carve them in the Black Forest area of Germany and then bring them to the Christmas Markets to sell.

I already own two cuckoo clocks which lessened my temptation to bring another one home,
but, I did buy many wine stoppers. They had wonderful carved 'Fox' wine stoppers of which I purchased seven. I also bought the 'Hunter' featured in my painting 'The Old Married Couple'. He's wonderfully animated and he has a new home in my studio at the Banana Factory.

Here's Bernd - the cuckoo clock carver.

For more information on the cuckoo clock carvers from the Black Forest just click on the link below:

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