Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crunchzels and Dove Dark Chocolate

Crunchzels and Dove Dark Chocolate • this painting is sold

Today I stopped by the Allentown Farmers' Market. It's the crown jewel of food shopping in the Lehigh Valley. It's fun. There are cheese shops, meat shops, produce shops and fish shops. There are chicken shops and pizza shops and even a pickle shop ... there's Mediterranean fare and Country fare, a kitchen store and even a vacuum shop ... anything and everything that you would ever need or dream of to create a wonderful dinner (and clean up afterwards).

..... and there's a Pretzel and Chip shop, too. So, today I brought to my studio some 'Crunchzels' made by Tom Sturgis. They're wonderful pretzels. Flavorful and not overly salty. Just right! And what better flavor to compliment a wonderful pretzel than a dark and delicious Dove chocolate mini-bar.

Ahhh .... painting in my studio, enjoying a Crunchzel and a Dove's. Nothin' finer.


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Thank You!

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