Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pete's Hot Dogs

Pete's Hot Dogs • this painting is sold

Well, doesn't every town have their favorite hot dog joint. In Allentown where I live it's hands down 'Yocco's Hot Dogs'. One small bite and they practically melt in your mouth. I like mine with Yocco's special sauce and onions and some mustard. Their fries and pierogies are hot and steamy with fluffy potato filling and a crispy bite. Hmmm HMMM !!!!

But, in Bethlehem where my studio is, I hear that Pete's is the front runner, so I decided to stop by. I ordered the number two special which is two chili dogs with onions and mustard, a serving of three pierogies and a small diet Pepsi (I usually order Diet Coke).

It was delicious !! I ate one, and painted the other. Then I ate the other one as well. The pierogies were nice and hot and even the diet Pepsi was refreshing. The server at Pete's was friendly and polite and I certainly would stop in again for an order to go!

Pete's Hot Dog Shop
400 Broadway Street
Bethlehem, PA

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