Monday, November 05, 2007

Rosebud Egg • Fabergé Egg • The Imperial Eggs

Rosebud Egg • this painting is sold

Its whereabouts unknown for decades, the Rosebud Egg was the first to be presented by Czar Nicholas II to his Czarina. A miniature of Czar Nicholas II surmounts the egg, and the year is set in the base beneath a diamond. Fabergé trimmed the strawberry red Rosebud egg (1895) with a diamond Cupid's arrow. The surprise inside was a hinged, enameled golden yellow rosebud, another symbol of the couple's love for one another. For the homesick young girl, the egg was also a reminder of her native country of Germany, where the golden yellow rose is the most prized color. Inside the rosebud was a a ruby egg pendant and a tiny diamond-set Imperial crown, representing Alexandra's new life as the Empress of Russia.

Like the almost identical crown and pendant of the first imperial egg, these two surprises were separated from the egg before it was sold by the Soviet government in the 1920s. Their present whereabouts are unknown.

Provenance: The first Fabergé Egg presented by Czar Nicholas II to his wife, Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna, Easter 1895.

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