Monday, November 19, 2007

Perrier Jouet

Perrier Jouet

Well, this just happens to be my favorite champagne. Several years ago when I worked for the AARP Medicare Supplement provider, they needed to 'Right' size (as opposed to 'down' size). Well, the position that I held for 11 years was eliminated. It was my chance to seize the life that I really wanted to live. The quest to become a full-time living and working artist.

So, to celebrate, I visited the Wine and Spirits Shoppe and bought the extra large bottle of Perrier Jouet nestled in the satin lined hard box complete with four hand-painted glasses. Oh, and then I also bought the Perrier Jouet Rosé bottle nestled in the satin lined hard box complete with two hand-painted glasses.

My then boyfriend, my brother Jim and his (our) girlfriend Diana and I drank the Perrier Jouet on Christmas morning many Christmas mornings ago. It was wonderful ....

There's nothin' like splurging when you lose your job and have no employment prospects!!! Cheers!

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