Friday, November 02, 2007

Deviled Ham

Deviled Ham • this painting is sold

My Mother's Mother, 'Nana', would make sandwiches with Deviled Ham spread. She also served olive loaf which I, as a youngster, was midly repulsed by it. However, in retrospect, olive loaf and ham spread were probably even a little 'gourmet' for the time. Now I'd probably enjoy it and even serve it myself!

I miss those days. When our Grandparents were around. I miss all of the family picnics. I miss my Mom telling funny stories, baking pies, sending cards, giving us a little spank and pulling our ears on our birthday. I miss her being cute with my Dad.

What I wouldn't do to be able to sit down and share a Deviled Ham sandwich with her right now.

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Blogger The Paint Pot said...

Funny thing ~ I'm 80 and feel the same way! So I had deviled ham san this week for lunch, and it was so good, just as I remembered. Painting is right on!! LOL

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