Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boston Red Sox Baseball 6

Boston Red Sox Baseball 6 • this painting is sold

Ouch! OUCH! Well, I received three, maybe four, needles in my mouth today. All on the lower left quadrant. I'm having my teeth scaled and not only is it a painful process, but there are drill sounds and saliva spray and a suction hose hanging from my mouth. Oh my gosh .... I don't know if the extremely long needles of anesthesia are more painful or the high volume drilling under my gums ... the drilling is so intense that the drill even slows down from work and grinding overload.

Four hours later the anesthesia is starting to wear off and now the throbbing pain begins. Actually, it's not quite as bad as it seems. The low cost for having all of this dental work done by aspiring dental hygienists is worth it. Everything is supervised by very strict hygienists and very strict guidelines. Actually, I'm certain that these dental hygienists are even MORE thorough because their passing or failing grade is dependent upon their expertise.

So .... after four hours sitting in the dentist chair this morning, my friend and dental hygienist PASSED her exam. Thank GOD for that. I don't think that I could take any more needle injections and intense drilling pain for today. But, three more quadrants to finish and I'm good to go. Ouch ....

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