Friday, October 12, 2007

My New Studio

Well, here's my new incredible studio !!!

I just moved in from down the hall. In May of 1999, I was accepted as an artist into the wonderful Banana Factory. The Banana Factory is located in Bethlehem, PA. My studio was 239.99 square feet and within one year I knew that I had outgrown the space .... BUT, it was charming and romantic and I had many, many wonderful moments painting and entertaining there - especially on our celebrated First Fridays.

After my Mother passed away in July of this year, I came back to the Banana Factory, opened my studio door and thought ... 'no' ... I cannot paint in this overcrowded, chaotic studio with no windows. I heard that a studio opened ... large, with two massive windows facing north. I'm taking the plunge .... financially it's a bit more daunting ... BUT, it's beautiful ... I can breathe ... and it's in my own corner where I find peace and a new fresh identity.

If you're in the Banana Factory area, please stop in ... I'd love to share my new space with You!

Here's the hallway leading to my open door ... notice the many Painting Each Day paintings on the right-hand wall.

This is my 'Print' gallery where I'm displaying the many prints that I have designed .... including the Musikfest 20th Anniversary poster, Mayfair 20th Anniversary poster, CigarFest 1st and 2nd annual posters, Wegman's Wine and Dine posters, the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival poster, the WARHOL poster for the Allentown Art Museum 'Warhol' exhibit ... and my Adult Beverage prints. It's a fun hallway -- and, if you're looking for a poster for your next event, why not contact me so we can discuss!!!

The Adult Beverage prints and wine event prints.

My beautiful studio -- notice the large windows !!!

My Southern wall -- the 'Music Series' and 'Sea Creatures from the Venetian Fish Market'.

Looking West, my wonderful drafting desk and the outer red wall with my framed prints.

The RED wall !!

My Mom would love this studio .... I can hear her saying 'I wonder how the poor people live!' ... and I would say 'Mom - I'm telling you how the poor people live!!' (meaning me, of course).


Blogger Greg said...

Your new studio looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit and see it in person.


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