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I attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia over a period of four years to learn the aspects of graphic design. I knew that mastering (I use that term loosely) the Adobe software products like Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, InDesign, and other fascinating software including Director, Flash etc. would help me in my quest to create a custom website and design limited edition prints of my paintings.

Well, I also was hired by the local newspaper to create animations - banner ads - for various businesses. I'd work tirelessly, hour after hour, and only get paid $15.00 for each. But, that little job introduced me to a wonderful new marketing tool: animated announcements ... featuring my paintings. So, I have collected an email list of about 1300 people which includes local politicians, community leaders, business men and women, art lovers, friends and family ... oh, and people that I have never met or never heard of, but added their email to my list from people who don't send their emails BCC (blind carbon copy).

Which brings me to one question for Steve Jobs concerning one very big disappointment about the iPhone. WHY didn't you included BCC with the email functions. That to me is a biggie .... I use BCC all of the time. (bcc is when you send an email to a bunch of people and the recipients only see your name, not the list to whom I've sent the email). When I send my animated evites to my list, they're always BCC and I never share email addresses ... I'm very careful and respectful about that. (if you'd like to be on my list, certainly send me your email address - I send announcements for First Friday, Wine Festivals and any art related events in which I am participating).

ALTHOUGH, I might add, everything else on the iPhone (which I do not have by the way) looks mouth open incredible. Dear Steve Jobs, please refer to my note addressed to you, dated Saturday, June 30th on my Painting Each Day blog.

One more note. If you'd like to have an animation custom created for you, please let me know. We can discuss!


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