Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon with Sharon

Sharon's Table


Sharon and Sheba

Tuesday Afternoon with Sharon

Do you ever experience one of those 'delicious' afternoons, an impromptu get-together with a special friend - a day filled with indulgence - flavors that awaken and excite the senses ... and even a little inebriation. Well that day was today.

My friend Sharon does everything with passion. She lives with passion and loves with passion. She has the great command of attention to detail and she is the quintessential nurturer ... from the grand overture of heady and elaborate meals to the little gifts and goodies that you'll find tossed in the bottom of your take home bags. She is both spontaneous and generous beyond compare.

Sharon has a true sense of style with her beautifully laid table presentations ... flowers and herbs from her country garden and splashes of color from her French napkins to her olive oil dishes. Their home is a haven for comfort and visiting her is true pleasure for your soul.

So thank you so much Sharon for a wonderful, wonderful day ... and you too, Dave ... for looking out for us having a wee bit of toooo much fun! I love you both. xoxo


Blogger Sharon Henson said...

A friendship like the one you have with Sharon is refreshing and beautiful.....it must be the name!!!!
I enjoy your paintings.


12:53 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Sharon sounds like a wonderful friend. Would you share, LOL...

1:46 AM  

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