Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Two Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Although it's still Spring, the tomatoes at the super market were luscious. I gathered up the meaty vine ripened and the cherry vine ripened safely stored in the red mesh bag. Also I studied the garlics for the perfect white and lavender hues. I selected the beautiful artichoke that sported a healthy stem with scales of deep green and purple leaves. I searched for the perfect avocados. Also, I grabbed two bags of healthy prewashed spring green lettuce mix.

There was a bit of a commotion at the checkout. The clerk didn't know that the artichoke was actually an artichoke. There was no skew bar and she claimed to never having seen this strange vegetable before. I assured her of its identity ... but she was skeptical and felt the need to question the other clerks as well as another clerk's mother waiting in line. Customer service was summoned ..

After checking out - and after all were in agreement about the artichoke, I grabbed my bag, shared a friendly laugh, said my thank you and met my brother and his girlfriend for dinner at the neighborhood restaurant.

Only until I got home and searched my bag did I realize that only the tomatoes and the artichoke were there. I ran down to my car .... no additional bag ... called the super market ... and yes, with all of the fussing about the artichoke, I failed to grab my other bag that still hung from the silver bag hangers. No problem to go back .. although ... will I still find those perfect avocados, the garlic with the white and lavender hues .. and the two bags of spring green lettuce mix with the furthest expiration date .... ?

Did I mention that the check out girl thought my garlics were onions?

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Thank You!


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Very nice balance, and edges!

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