Wednesday, May 23, 2007

David's Iris

David's Iris

Well, I enjoyed a delicious dinner tonight at my friend David's house. We had turkey-chicken 'hamburgers' mixed with sun dried tomatoes and Italian cheese. David cooked them on the grill ... Mmmm ... perfection ... just the way I like it ... a little crispy yet still holding the juice. They were incredible!

We had a beautiful salad tossed with red leaf lettuce, onions, green peppers, portobellos and Caesar dressing.

I brought a bottle of Casillero del Diablo Cabernet. It's wonderfully full bodied, oaky and very lush. We dined on the patio overlooking the yard and garden. Ahhh ... How wonderful to have great friends ... that 'dine', have great conversation, are funny, have appreciation for beauty ... and most of all that you love them so much ... and, are lucky enough that they love you so much in return.

Thanks for the beautiful Iris, Dave .... and thank you too, Spotty (his Dalmation) that trampled on and broke the stem of the Iris so that I would be able to take it home to paint it for my Painting Each Day project.

If you would like to purchase this 6" x 6" oil painting on stretched canvas, please email me. This painting is priced at $100.00 plus s/h.

Thank You!


Blogger jeff bowser said...

This is a beautiful painting. Plain and simple. I love the colors used. The iris jumps off the background and demands to be appreciated. Great work.

11:57 AM  

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