Monday, April 30, 2007

African Violets

African Violets • this painting is sold

The African violet (Saintpaulia) is an excellent flowering house plant which will grow and flower under low light intensities found in the average home. Where there is insufficient natural light, they can be grown and flowered successfully entirely under artificial light. Large numbers of different varieties, types and colors available, and the ease with which they can be propagated make this an excellent plant for interior decoration of the home.

African violets may be propagated easily by leaf cutting, and about 6 to 9 months are required to obtain flowering plants. Any leaf is satisfactory if healthy and firm. Remove the entire leaf with petiole (leaf stem) by snapping or cutting it off at the stem of the plant and trim the petiole to about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in length. A combination of half vermiculite and half sand, by volume, makes an ideal propagating medium or the soil used for growing plants may be used. Insert the petiole into the medium by pushing it into a hole made with a pencil or similar tool. Roots normally appear at the petiole base in 3 to 4 weeks under good conditions and leaves of the new plants appear at the medium surface 3 to 4 weeks after root formation.

African Violet caregivers, addled by years of trying to nurse fussier houseplants along, suddenly find themselves successfully nurturing a houseplant that actually rewards their devotion... and buy or propagate just a few more... and a few more. . . and voila! Another Saintpaulia obsession has bloomed!

If you would like to purchase this 6" x 6" oil painting on stretched canvas, please email me. This painting is priced at $100.00 plus s/h.

Thank You!


Blogger Leslie Pease said...

This is painting is wonderful. Love the colors. You handled the leaves beautifully; Really have the sense of the thick furry leaves.

6:54 AM  

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