Monday, March 19, 2007

Parking Violation

Parking Violation

I would be hard pressed to name a more challenging job to perform every day than the window clerk's position at the PARKING AUTHORITY. Every day, every hour, every minute, a long line of people are waiting to express their angst and anger to a person only doing his or her job. They must have heard every story in the book when it comes to someone trying to weasel out of a parking ticket. So, when it was my turn to step up to the window, I relayed my story to the clerk describing the large van blocking the view of the 'no parking sign' with the black 'P' in the red circle with the slash. How many times has she heard that story? And probably in most cases, including mine, the stories are true.

What gets my goat is that there are so many violations that really matter which seldom receive tickets. People double parking on a busy street (especially when there is an available spot close by) and usually without flashers ... loud music and blaring bases from car stereos (I should invest in hearing aid stock in 40 years) ... people beeping repeatedly in front of homes instead of getting out and knocking on the door like civilized human beings ... a collection of dining room chairs on the street, saving spaces that you may have even shoveled yourself ... an orange tractor trailer parked in front of your home ... the city not plowing your street (ever) ... loud sigh ...

SO, when you think you've found a good spot on the street close enough to assist walking your 86 year old Father to visit your Mother residing in a nursing home and then only to return to your car 45 minutes later ... to find a bright orange envelope with the letters: PARKING TICKET and a bill for $15.00 inside ... that's when, like I said, it really gets my goat.

The girls were so nice at the Parking Authority and I wouldn't envy them their jobs ... and I felt badly for all my emotions coming to a head ... ('Here come the tears' as Shaylin would say). And what can you say about the person that each day, every day deals with the unhappy customer, disgruntled citizen and frustrated 'violator' ... with the lines serpenting out the door ? ... I would say that I tip my respectful hat to the girls at the Parking Authority. You have a difficult job. ... and thank you for being so nice. Oh, but when you have a moment in your busy schedule, can you please alert the tractor trailer driver not to park his 'rig' in front of my house ... or would you suggest that I line up my dining room chairs to save the spaces... ?

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Thank You!


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