Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little Green Grapes

Little Green Grapes

Chardonnay, also known by the names Aubaine, Beaunois, Melon Blanc, and historically, Pinot Chardonnay, is a green-skinned grape variety used to make a white varietal wine. It is believed to be named after the village of Chardonnay in the Maconnais region of France, where Pouilly-Fuissé is currently produced and it is possible that the variety was first bred there. DNA fingerprinting research at the University of California, Davis suggests that Chardonnay has originated as a cross between Pinot and the Croatian Gouais Blanc grape varieties. Gouais Blanc is not popular in its own right and is almost extinct.

Chardonnay is also an important component in Champagne and there are some 100% Chardonnay Champagnes labeled blanc de blancs. It is also used by sparkling wine producers who want to produce a Champagne-like wine.

How amazing that this little grape would cause such a brouhaha.

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