Saturday, March 10, 2007

Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail • Monopoly

Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail • Monopoly • this painting is sold

Monopoly is Parker Brothers' classic game of ruthless business. The object is be the last player to avoid going bankrupt. To do this, one purchases properties and then charges the other players rent whenever they land on one of them. You can improve your properties by buying houses and hotels. The most expensive properties on the board are Boardwalk and Park Place. Monopoly's mascot is Rich Uncle Pennybags. Many words and phrases from the game are recognized throughout the world: "Take a ride on the Reading," "Advance token to Boardwalk," "Water Works," "Free Parking," and most famously, "Go directly to jail; do not pass GO; do not collect $200."


Ahhh .... today I've entered the world of DSL. My comprehensive website, my blogging website, my monthly animated announcements all have been updated and sent via dial-up. DIAL-UP !!

My DSL isn't perfect yet. The cable to the wall is too long, so interference happens. I can phase in and out of cyber space at my modem's will. So that must be fixed. But it's wonderful clicking here and there, updating this and that and the speed of, well, pretty much my typing fingers. Maybe one day I will enter the world of cable modem! Oh, the possibilities!

If you would like to purchase this 6" x 6" oil painting on stretched canvas, please email me. This painting is priced at $100.00 plus s/h.

Thank You!


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