Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Easter Egg Coloring

Easter Egg Coloring • this painting is sold

In 1893 Doc Hinkle created the first Paint-on Easter Egg decorating kit for his grandchildren. He wanted to inpsire kids to be imaginative and to fully experience this special celebration of the Easter Holiday. Unlike ordinary dyes that have to be diluted, Paint-on is used directly from the bottle and results in beautiful, bright colors and patterns. Paint-on dries quickly and is so easy to use, even a young child can make exchiting eggs with lines, squiggles and dots. Paint-on colors .... over 100 years of Happy Easters !

The egg has represented mystery, magic, medicine, food and omen. It is the universal symbol of Easter celebrations throughout the world and has been dyed, painted, adorned and embellished in the celebration of its special symbolism.

Decorating and coloring eggs for Easter was the custom in England during the middle ages. The household accounts of Edward I, for the year 1290, recorded an expenditure of eighteen pence for four hundred and fifty eggs to be gold-leafed and colored for Easter gifts.

The most famous decorated Easter eggs were those made by the well-known goldsmith, Peter Carl Faberge. In 1883 the Russian Czar, Alexander, commissioned Faberge to make a special Easter gift for his wife, the Empress Marie.

The first Faberge egg was an egg within an egg. It had an outside shell of platinum and enameled white which opened to reveal a smaller gold egg. The smaller egg, in turn, opened to display a golden chicken and a jeweled replica of the Imperial crown. This special egg so delighted the Czarina that the Czar promptly ordered the Faberge firm to design further eggs to be delivered every Easter. In later years Nicholas II, Alexander's son, continued the custom. Fifty-seven eggs were made in all.

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