Sunday, February 25, 2007

Maraschino Cherries

Haddon House Maraschino Cherries

The name maraschino refers to the marasca cherry and the maraschino liqueur made from it, in which maraschino cherries were originally preserved. They were, at first, produced for and consumed as a delicacy by royalty and the wealthy. Today they are a common dessert and drink garnish.

The cherries were first introduced in the United States in the late 19th century, where they were served in fine restaurants. By the turn of the century, American producers were experimenting with flavors such as the almond extract used today and substituting Queen Anne cherries for marasca cherries. In 1912, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration legally defined "maraschino cherries" as marasca cherries preserved in maraschino under the Food and Drugs Act of 1906; the artificially colored and sweetened Queen Ann variety had to be called "Imitation Maraschino Cherries" instead.

During Prohibition in the United States as of 1920, the decreasingly popular alcoholic variety was illegal as well. Ernest H. Wiegand, a professor of horticulture at Oregon State University, developed the modern method of manufacturing maraschino cherries using a brine solution rather than alcohol. Thus, most modern maraschino cherries have only a historical connection with the liqueur maraschino. It was not until after Prohibition was repealed in 1933 that the FDA revisited its policy towards canned cherries in 1939. Since 1940, "maraschino cherries" have been defined as "cherries which have been dyed red, impregnated with sugar and packed in a sugar sirup flavored with oil of bitter almonds or a similar flavor".

Maraschino cherries are an important ingredient in many cocktails. A Bourbon Manhattan with two cherries is an excellent choice!

If you would like to purchase this 6" x 6" oil painting on stretched canvas, please email me. This painting is priced at $100.00 plus s/h.

Thank You!


Blogger Julie said...

i just found your weblog and think it, and your paintings, just marvelous. there are so many i want to buy! i am certainly your newest big fan and i will add you to my sidebar of "wonderful places."

one thing i would like is your permission to post a picture of one of your paintings on my blog--the one of the milkbones from back in november, as a visual in the memoriam of my best friends' dog daisy, who has been fighting bone cancer and had to be euthanized last night. the quality of your painting really moved me and i think it would be very fitting. if you're not comfortable with that just let me know.

thank you,

2:09 PM  
Blogger PaintingEachDay said...

Ahhh... that is lovely. Thank you Julie. Certainly post any painting you wish. I also am a animal lover ... and 'Daisy' is such a sweet name. Also, my Mother's favorite flower is the Daisy, so it is extra special.

Thank you Julie,


4:12 PM  

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