Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today ... in Antibes

Getting ready to head out for my long walk ...

This photo was taken in the beautiful Ambassadeur Hotel in Juan-les-Pins. One time last year I sat at the piano in their lounge and played 'Winter' composed by Tori Amos. After I had finished, a woman from Newport Beach said to me, and in front of her friends I might add, 'keep practicing, you'll get it' !!! Hah ... that was funny to me because I thought I had played it quite well ... even the bartender came over with a complimentary Heineken for me.

... maybe it was a ploy to get me to stop playing.

Just one of the beautiful cars along the way ... parked in front of Belle Rives

Hotel du Cap

... or otherwise known as Eden Roc. This hotel is stunning ... and my wish it to swim in the infinity pool ... sipping champagne with my future French husband.

Question ... what - or do I dare say 'who' - do you think the model was for the white posts out front ?

Continuing my walk around the Cap d'Antibes

Sunbathers in Antibes will rise to any challenge just to lie in the sun. Check out this woman ... she navigated all those rocks ... I just can't imagine that the spot she has chosen could be comfortable ! ?

More rock climbers - I wouldn't even begin to know how to get there !

Rounding the bend to this beautiful site ... la mer, boats ... and the old village of Antibes

So every Thursday there is a large open air market in old Antibes. I already bought so many beautiful Provencal tablecloths in prior years that it's difficult to get my tablecloth drawers closed. And, the nice man who I always buy my tablecloths from wasn't there this time. So ... I just walked around and looked.

I did end up buying a pearl (faux) necklace ... I'm still not sure about it ... maybe I should've saved the five euros for something I'd prefer more ... like a Mediterranean baquette and small Heineken at my favorite little food stand.

Also today, tomorrow and Saturday there are sidewalk sales ALL over Antibes. All the shops are clearing out of their summer stock in preparation for the change of the season. Ok ... I admit, I DID buy two more tablecloths ... time for larger drawers.

Walking past the Boulangerie ...

The cats of France. I love cats ... and will bravely cross busy streets just so I can pet the head of a sweet kitty.

Look how bored this cat is ... My, what a grand tête you have Monsieur !

Here's the sweet train that takes you from Antibes to Juan -les-Pins. It also has informative commentary playing as you pass the sites. I never took the train ... but it's on my to-do list.

I took this photo for my sweet little 'Valentin'. He's the little son of Michael and Julia ... We often played together in Germany and now that I'm not there, he notices ... So whenever he hears a plane, he points to the sky and says 'Aaaayyyynnnn' ... ahhh ... sweet.


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