Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday in Schwaebisch Gmuend ... Market Day tomorrow !

Today I treated myself to a wonderful 'dejeuner' at the Cafe Exlibris. The Cafe Exlibris is a beautiful cafe with tables and umbrellas nestled in a pretty garden. The view is of the beautiful city library and other old buildings ... and a large tree covered in vines. There is a snake sculpture in the tree ... and a beautiful Adam and Eve sculpture nearby. It's one of my favorite 'sanctuaries' in Schwaebisch Gmuend.

So today I ordered the daily special ... Fleisch ... uh ... I forget the rest of the word ... and mit salat. It was soooo delish !!!! And, a glass of deep rich Italian red wine ... incredible ! Nix Besser !!

Here is a close-up of lunch ... I wasn't sure exactly what herbs were in this salad ... I identified the chives and parsley naturally, but there was something else that I couldn't quite put my finger on ... and when I asked the chef what herbs were added, she said 'hamburger' ... hmmm ... ok ... so, hamburger herbs it is. Yum !!

Tomorrow is Market Day !!! Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a lovely market in picturesque Muenster Platz. You can buy anything - as long as it's flora or fauna. They have local farmers that set up their pretty umbrellas and sell their wares. You can buy fish, cheese, herbs, veggies, flowers, oils, spices ... and even deer or rabbit meat !! I enjoy walking around, admiring everything and taking photos.

How's this for spectacular !!! The Münster Cathedral

I always think of my Mom. And ... I always, ALWAYS think of my Mom when I see daisies. My Mom loved daisies. Sweet and pretty and innocent. Just like her.

So ... tomorrow another painting day ... I have to finish two large paintings in progress and then two more large paintings and then four smaller paintings. It's so nice painting in the temporary atelier !! And there's my artist friend Connie right around the corner. You can check out her website:

Atelia Lia

Until then, einen guten Tag haben !!


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