Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Oberbürgermeister Richard Arnold and Dr. Bläse

So ... just to inform you of the 'Lord Mayor' and the '2nd in command' ... may I present you with Oberbürgermeister Richard Arnold and 2nd in command Dr. Bläse.

Oberbürgermeister Richard Arnold ... et moi. Dinner in the garden with Michaele and Conrad.

and Dr. Bläse, 2nd in command

Now, you must be thinking 'Wow' what beautiful men !! Yes, it's true. But they are also extremely smart, funny, cultured, talented, speak several languages ... and look nice standing next to a Trans Am !

So, off to painting ... still hoping to create a group of works that I'm proud of ... something fun and joyful ... just like being here.


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